A cloud native version of LuxCarta’s BrightEarth On Demand product line is now commercially available, which enables customers to extract geospecific buildings and rooftops, trees, roads and more from high-resolution satellite imagery.

LuxCarta can now deploy its generalized artificial intelligence (AI) suite of BrightEarth products in any IT environment, including public and private clouds. BrightEarth On Demand addresses multiple sensors from 20 cm to 1m in resolution and lets customers tackle larger AOIs in real time.

“Our customers want the ability to move beyond city-sized geospecific AOIs in support of regional and countrywide applications,” said Albéric Maumy, CEO of LuxCarta. “With the ability to scale their computing resources as needed, BrightEarth on Demand in the Cloud provides the answer to this requirement.”

A typical scenario of generating 3D layers – digital terrain models (DTMs), land use/land cover (LULC), buildings and trees – for an area of 1000 sq. km with medium to medium-high building density can be processed in 3-4 hours using BrightEarth on Demand in the cloud. BrightEarth is used by militaries and prime vendors in the simulation and training ecosystem already, and availability of a cloud-native product has been a frequent request.

LuxCarta is a bronze sponsor of the DSET (Defence, Simulation, Education & Training) happening June 5-8 in Bristol, England. The company will be demonstrating its entire suite of BrightEarth On Demand and Global Basemaps at the event.