On a year which has seen record revenues and graduate success for ACS Aviation students, the company has agreed a deal to purchase the advanced ALX flight simulator from the administrators of Tayside Aviation, who recently ceased training.

The ALX offers advanced technology simulation to all specific training requirements including simulation of small twin engine aircraft up to the ATR42 regional aircraft. In addition, it has a proven track record for cost-effectiveness and helps save numerous aircraft hours.

The ALX flight simulator has advanced airport graphics, giving students a realistic approach to training outside of the aircraft. This keeps the student immersed in the training environment.

“ACS Aviation has chosen to renew its confidence in ALSIM by purchasing the ALX Flight simulator from the administrators at Tayside Aviation,” said Graeme Frater, ACS Aviation Managing Director. “The new simulator will offer our student pilots and airline customers the opportunity to complete advanced simulator training, allowing them to apply directly to the airlines after graduating. Airline customers and graduates can also utilise the simulator for interviews and assessment preparation.”