Bell has launched its H-1 Advanced Maintenance Training Academy (AMTA) to provide long-term fleet support through a week-long, interactive training program taught by Bell H-1 maintenance instructors and specialists. The training is an immersive experience coupled with 3-D courseware and hands-on technical instruction for routine maintenance repairs on items such as flight controls, gearboxes, swashplates, and both rotor blades.

“Through the H-1 AMTA, Marine maintainers can take the training knowledge that they receive here and implement it directly on the H-1 flight line, ensuring mission-focused fleet readiness at all times,” said Steve Rudat, H-1 AMTA instructor, Bell.

Marine maintainers from various Marine Aviation Logistics Squadrons (MALS) and Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadrons (HMLA) located around the world, including MALS-29, MALS-39, HMLA-167, HMLA-169, HMLA-267, HMLA-367, HMLA-369, and HMLAT-303, have attended the H-1 AMTA offered at one of the participating locations.

Most recently, Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, California, was added to the list of locations that host the H-1 AMTA.

“The goal of the AMTA is for Marines to develop a deeper understanding of the H-1 platform and how the different aircraft systems function together. Whether they are at their home squadron or deployed on a mission, our AMTA program provides H-1 Marine maintainers with the skills to keep their aircraft on the flight schedule,” said Bryan Riley, H-1 fleet support manager, Bell.

Since its launch, over 100 Marine maintainers have successfully completed the training program.

The Bell H-1 line is purpose-built to support the U.S. Armed Forces. Bell continues to modernize the Bell AH-1Z Viper and Bell UH-1Y Venom to serve the future generations of warfighters.