Pan Am Flight Academy, has received the successful qualification of its Level D B737 MAX-8 simulator, which is equipped with the latest L3 Harris Reality-Seven technology. After completing rigorous testing, it will be ready to facilitate pilot training starting 1 August 2023.

With its features and advanced capabilities, the B737 MAX-8 simulator guarantees an immersive and realistic training experience. It features the latest advancements such as the Runway Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS), TCAS II-7.1, weather radar, electric control loading and motion system, and RSi EPIC visual system.

The addition of the B737 MAX-8 simulator solidifies the academy’s position as an aviation training provider. Pilots from airlines and aviation organizations worldwide will now have access to enhanced training options, enabling them to sharpen their skills and expertise on this highly popular commercial aircraft.

“With the qualification of the B737 MAX-8 simulator, we stand ready to welcome commercial pilots, offering a training experience that is unparalleled in its authenticity and technological advancements,” said Jeff Portanova, President of Pan Am Flight Academy.