CATI Training Systems, (CATI), an image generator and simulation solutions provider, will be exhibiting at the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence Aviation Industry Days from 9-10 August 2023 at Fort Novosel, Alabama. Visitors can visit CATI in Booth #25 at The Landing and go for a virtual flight.

The annual event is an opportunity for the entire Army Aviation Community to gather in one place to focus solely on U.S. Army Aviation issues.  CATI has teamed with SGB Enterprises, Inc., Scalable Display Technologies and Immersive Display Solutions Inc. to create a highly capable, low-cost Flight Training Device (FTD) demonstration.  

The FTD will feature a single-seat CAPTE-VCS+ UH-60M FTD, demonstrating both Out-the-Window and blended reality visual display using the Varjo XR-3 HMD. Additionally, CATI will showcase its latest solutions for training, simulation, synthetic environments, and Virtual Reality (VR) featuring X-IG Version 5.0 and an Augmented Reality (AR) Optics and display system helmet-mounted display, the A3RO DS-62/S provided by Vision Products LLC. Engineering Acoustics will be demonstrating their eTSAS, a wearable/in-seat tactile cueing system that uses the sense of touch to improve a pilot’s situation awareness and eliminate spatial disorientation, the leading cause of aviation mishaps.