The DiSTI Corporation has released VE Studio 2023.2, the company’s solution for procedural-based virtual training development.

VE Studio 2023.2 offers significant improvements to VR interactions and behaviors and architectural updates on tethered and mobile headsets for multiple manufacturers. These enhancements give users an increased sense of immersion, making learning and retaining information easier.

“The technical creativity of our team is astounding. We have worked hard to ensure that this release includes the latest advances in VR technology so that our customers can continue to create the most realistic and effective training experiences possible across desktop and VR deployments,” said Doug Classe, Director of Engineering at DiSTI.

This latest update reflects DiSTI’s increased investment into its VE Studio software product, improving virtual reality features, adding support for IL2CPP builds, updating the Requirements Analyzer tool, fixing previous bugs, and adding support for newer versions of 3D Studio Max.

Some of the benefits to the new release include:

IL2CPP build support: Users can now build VE Studio Unity projects to IL2CPP. This feature allows developers to leverage specific SDKs and libraries that require IL2CPP within Unity. One example is the Tobi eye-tracking libraries.

VR Support Equipment: Added support for hand tools, electronic devices, complex test equipment, and other types of virtual support equipment. Development of virtual support equipment is consistent between both VR and desktop deployments.

VR Consumables: Added support for VR consumables, such as tape, cotter pins, rags, etc.