Wrap Technologies, Inc. has introduced a new addition to its catalogue of pre-recorded scenarios for its virtual reality (VR) training platform, Wrap Reality. This new scenario focuses on using the Incident Command System, a unified approach to emergency management response. It is designed to prepare law enforcement officers with the skills needed to excel at providing strong and steady leadership during times of crisis, and immediately upon arriving at a scene.

Law enforcement professionals often face situations where quick decision-making, effective information absorption, and efficient resource coordination are vital. Wrap Technologies' Incident Management virtual reality training scenario immerses officers in dynamic and high-pressure situations, enabling them to develop critical skills that are essential for managing critical incidents effectively and ensuring public safety.

"We are driven to push the boundaries of law enforcement training by creating virtual reality training scenarios thoughtfully designed to mirror real-world challenges," said Kevin Mullins, CEO of Wrap Technologies. "Our Incident Management is the first of its kind, promoting leadership and empowering officers to confidently navigate high-stress situations by making informed decisions, coordinating resources, and managing chaotic scenes with precision.”

A hallmark of Wrap's approach is its responsiveness to customer feedback and real-world events. The company constantly innovates its training scenarios to reflect the evolving field of law enforcement. By actively seeking input from officers who use Wrap Reality, the scenarios are designed to meet their challenges and needs by addressing timely and relevant events shaping the public safety landscape.

“Wrap Reality VR has been a game changer with our training.  It’s easy to use and navigate, which in turn, increases our training time,” states Deputy Jeff Welch of Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office. “The system provides realistic graphics and scenarios.  It is more than a use of force system.  It is applicable for all aspects of law enforcement operations. My officers absolutely love using Wrap Reality for training.”