83 Squadron (SQN) (Distributed Ground Station – Australia (DGS-AUS)), a defense organization, ZedaSoft Inc. (ZedaSoft), and PLEXSYS Interface Products Inc. (PLEXSYS) are celebrating their successful partnership in Exercise Coalition Virtual Strike (CVS) and identifying features for the next phase of drone sensor simulation development. The collaboration between these organizations continues to flourish as they envision advancements in defense capabilities. As part of their commitment to innovation, 83SQN, ZedaSoft, and PLEXSYS have outlined several new future development plans:

Multi-Platform Capability: The Mockingbird Suite of Drone Simulation Products, in conjunction with ASCOT, will provide users with the expanded ability to imitate a wide range of sensors from Full Motion Video (FMV) & Search and Rescue (SAR) streaming platforms such as the P-8A, Triton, FA-18F, and more. This multi-platform capability will be integrated into ZedaSoft’s products, allowing users to easily select their desired operation platform.

EW Capability: In response to the increasing prevalence of Electronic Warfare (EW) on many unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), Mockingbird, in collaboration with ASCOT, will incorporate EW capabilities. These advanced features will enable the Mockingbird drone platforms to read EW DIS traffic and present the information to the payload operator through the graphical user interface (GUI). The operator can communicate the EW information via chat, Uniform report, or voice report, enhancing situational awareness and mission effectiveness throughout virtual battlespaces.

ISAR Capability for RADAR: 83SQN, ZedaSoft, and PLEXSYS are also exploring integrating an Inverse Synthetic Aperture RADAR (ISAR) capability into the Mockingbird drone simulation. ISAR is commonly used in maritime platforms to generate a three-dimensional model of the target. This will significantly assist in target classification and is prevalent in manned and unmanned air platforms. By incorporating ISAR into Mockingbird, defense forces will gain enhanced target visualization capabilities, further bolstering their operational effectiveness. By expanding these capabilities, ZedaSoft and PLEXSYS will add to the solutions available to the defense forces, enhancing their flexibility, situational awareness, and operational efficiency.

"Integrating ASCOT into the Mockingbird system represents a significant advancement, enabling enhanced situational awareness and decision-making capabilities," stated Robert Miller, Director of PLEXSYS Australia. "Together, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of defense forces. The multi-platform capability, EW integration, and ISAR capability showcase our dedication to empowering defense forces with advanced technologies for mission success."

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