In cooperation with the Federal Aviation Administration, PlaneEnglish is has delivered and the newest ARSim Aviation Radio Simulator capability: multimedia access to additional aviation training content. With this new capability, ARSim by PlaneEnglish gives users access to documents, videos, and audio content, making it a gateway to aviation safety and training information.

The first batch of content is now available from the FAA. The From the Flight Deck video series provides pilots with actual runway approach and airport taxiway footage captured with aircraft-mounted cameras, combined with diagrams and visual graphics to identify hot spots and other safety-sensitive items. 

In addition, ARSim provides easy access to the FAA’s ‘Pilot Handbook’ content. This content supplements the From the Flight Deck video series. It includes details such as airport-specific cautions, information local controllers want pilots to know, airport communications, airspace details, more general best practices, lost communications tips and other preflight planning resources. It’s a detailed and in-depth resource created with local controllers' help and input. This supplemental content is currently available for 40 airports across the NAS, with more content in development. 

This content is now accessible and always free within the ARSim simulator. This advancement empowers pilots, student pilots, and aviation enthusiasts to stay informed about critical aviation information, ensuring safer and more prepared journeys. 

PlaneEnglish will continue updating and expanding the content library as new resources become available from the FAA and other contributing partners.

ARSim by PlaneEnglish is an aviation radio simulator designed to enhance communication skills for pilots, student pilots, and aviation enthusiasts. Developed in collaboration with industry experts, ARSim offers a realistic training experience to improve aviation safety and efficiency. ARSim is available for iOS and Android on the AppStore and Google Play Store, and on the web.