Simthetiq, a leading provider of 3D content for the defense sector, is pleased to announce that its 3D Library products have been integrated in the latest version of HAVIK Core, the foundation of HAVIK ATLAS - the first man-portable, accredited VR-based Joint Fires and JTAC training system developed by HAVIK Solutions LLC. 

Simthetiq worked closely with HAVIK’s software development team to validate this latest export of their high-quality, DIS/HLA compliant 3D simulation entity model library in HAVIK’s new product baseline. This new capability means that Simthetiq high fidelity 3D simulation entity models can be readily deployed in HAVIK Core-based simulation environments. 

HAVIK and their customers can now easily leverage Simthetiq’s 3,000+ strong library of DIS and HLA compliant 3D models. Backed by flexible licensing, robust tools and expert QA, Simthetiq’s AAA quality content can be deployed as “plug and play” visual content in training and simulation products based around the HAVIK Core IG. 

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