entrol has released Envision, the company's new image generator for flight simulation that uses Epic Games' Unreal Engine technology to create customized databases with new features to meet customer’s needs.

Envision was born from the love for video games and the constant search for innovation, through which the company reaffirms its intention to be at the forefront of better meeting the needs of its customers, always working with the most advanced technology available on the market.

Enrique Silvela, visual engineer at entrol, said: "The possibilities that Envision opens up are a window into the future of simulation. We sincerely believe that game engines will be a key piece in developing this industry in which, every year, the virtual and real worlds get a little closer. That's why, having developed our own IG at entrol, we now have a freedom that we didn't have before, and we can implement new functionalities and customer requests in much less time."

To conclude this project, entrol has created a new 200-by-70-degree spherical LED display with flexible modules. This screen has been formed by different interchangeable LED modules for better maintenance.

During the European Rotors 2023 show that will be held in Madrid from 28-30 November, entrol will showcase both of the technological advancements, implemented in Entrol’s H145 FTD Level 3 simulator that will have a special place in the show. 

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