Norxe launched its P10 4K and P55 6K projectors at 2023 I/ITSEC.

Norxe P55.jpg

Several P10 capabilities include embedded warp and blend (W&B), P7 color calibration, active White Point Tracking, 4K processing and lumens up to 3,000.

Norxe's P55 (left) has 6K processing functionality and other attributes. Source: Norxe.

The Norxe P55 delivers enhanced performance and a brighter projection experience by way of embedded W&B, constant light output, 6K processing functionality and other attributes. 

Norxe p10.jpgNorxe is further strengthening its position in the defense market with these products. Sondre Fauskanger, Senior Product Manager at the company, told MS&T at his company’s booth that in another instance, there is a built-in IR light source for NVG simulation. “This makes it easy to wear the night equipment they will use on a live mission, supporting the ‘train as they fight concept.’”

Norxe's P10 (right) delivers lumens up to 3,000 and has other capabilities.
Source: Norxe.

The executive also emphasized another part of the company’s business model is evident in these new offerings. While Norxe seeks to increase the number of pixels, “these are better, higher performance pixels.” Several technologies brought to bear that allow Norxe to pursue higher performance ratings are motion smear reduction to help yield a clearer and crisper image, and the ability to achieve increasingly higher refresh rates without degraded resolution.

Norxe P60.pngNorxe’s technology strategy is harmonized with the trend of IG suppliers to increase their content ratings from 60Hz to 120Hz or higher.

 Norxe's P60 (left) to be released in 2024, will support fixed- and motion base applications. Source: Norxe.

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