One of the expanding instances of “cross-pollination” between the military and commercial aviation training enterprises is the expanding use of data.

While this content is extracted from service training exercise after-action reports, downloaded following full-flight simulator “missions” and other events, instructors, and others throughout learning programs are increasingly looking for opportunities to use data to strengthen the learning experience and learners’ performance.

Training enterprises are continually finding opportunities and use cases to expand the use of data. Enter the efforts to lay the foundation and harness data to enable the burgeoning use of AI in learning – as this author needed no reminder of as he walked the 2023 IITSEC conference floor.

One Strategy

One product from this expanding market that caught MS&T’s attention was VRAI’s HEAT. In essence, HEAT captures, stores, analyzes and visualizes data.

Pat O’Connor, VRAI’s Managing Director, and Niall Campion, the company Managing Director for Customers & Product, pointed to one instance of leveraging mixed reality and data to further transform flight training by way of a just announced partnership with Vrgineers. One expected ROI from this agreement between the Irish- and Czech companies will enable the use of AI in training scenarios. 

VRAI is casting a wide net in its effort to further bring HEAT into training enterprises. In another of several logical partnerships, the company is working with Bohemia Interactive Simulations to capture data generated by VBS.

The Data Watch

MS&T and CAT will continue to watch and comment on efforts by defense and the adjacent civil aviation training enterprises to increase their use of data to help elevate their learners’ performance to higher levels.