In a significant move to bolster India’s aviation training infrastructure, Orbit Flight Training Center, based in Hyderabad, and AMST have achieved an agreement for three AIRFOX Full Flight Simulators, comprising 2 A320 NEO and 1 B737 MAX simulators. This project was announced during the Wings India 2024 exhibition.

The agreement was concluded by Koushik Manepalli, Director of Orbit Flight Training Center, and Rainer Schluesselberger, AMST Managing Director. This collaboration signifies a major advancement in Orbit’s mission to enhance its training facilities with the latest in simulation technology.

This project strengthens the partnership between Orbit Flight Training Center and AMST, reflecting the growing importance of the Indian aviation sector on the global stage. The introduction of these advanced simulators is expected to significantly elevate Orbit’s training capabilities, preparing pilots to excel in an increasingly complex and dynamic industry.

Capt. Mukesh Sharan, Orbit’s Head of Training, on the collaboration: “From the feel of real flying performance to the dynamic visuals of the surrounding environment, the simulators will provide pilots with an immersive and challenging training experience. Having tested and selected AMST from among many international manufacturers, we are feeling confident of meeting our objective of creating an Aviation Training Organisation which is second to none.”

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