Obrizum, a Cambridge (UK)-based specialist in advanced AI, has signed a strategic partnership with BAE Systems to create a new tailorable Digital Learning Environment (DLE).

Together they will use Obrizum’s proprietary AI-powered adaptive learning technology to develop deeply tailored training experiences. The entities believe the incorporation of Obrizum's personalisation engines, high fidelity Extended Reality (XR) technology and its diagnostic analytics, promises significant improvements in efficiency, productivity and risk identification.

This new DLE will also include virtual assistant technology and an AI-powered digital content store,   enabling defence organisations to adapt it according to their changing needs and continue to ensure trainees develop the skills they need to support the armed forces of tomorrow.

Lucy Walton, Head of Training for BAE Systems' Air sector, said: "Every year BAE Systems trains more than 450 air crew including pilots, air traffic control and weapon system officers and over 6,000 technicians and ground crew for military forces across the world. This puts us in a unique position to understand the need to constantly evolve the training solutions we offer.

"Technology changes as quickly as the threat does and this allows us to be more innovative than ever before to meet the needs of the digitally native students of today and tomorrow.

"By harnessing technologies such as those delivered by Obrizum, we can create the kind of immersive and engaging training environments our customers need and ensure training is a forethought, not an afterthought."

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