Soar Technology (SoarTech) Director of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Michael van Lent, Ph.D was featured on the Revolution in Military Affairs podcast released on February 5. The episode, titled ‘Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence with Jay McGuire and Mike van Lent,’ discusses human-centered AI and trust in AI. 

According to van Lent, AI solutions can be described as a ‘system of systems’ that includes the AI, the human user, the task, and other systems so that the AI is one system within a larger system. 

“AI itself is another series of systems like a perception system, which includes language, understanding and eye-tracking; a reasoning system; a learning system; and an action system,” he explains. “Regardless of how many systems are in place, AI is going to be most effectively deployed in support of a human decision maker.” 

Revolution in Military Affairs is a podcast hosted by Amos Fox. Van Lent participated alongside HyperGiant Chief of Staff, Jay McGuire.

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