ST Engineering Antycip has officially launched its new simulator program, MyIG, which it believes has reached new levels of realism. MyIG is currently used by several customers and enables realistic flight, driving, maritime and aerial refuelling simulations, with FLIR sensor simulations and virtual reality applications.

MyIG is a CIGI compliant (Common Image Generator Interface), general-purpose synchronised multi-channel image generator, with specialised features targeted to real-time simulations. The software, written in Standard C++ and OpenGL, offers high-fidelity effects, real world lighting and high performance by maintaining refresh rates up to 120Hz.

The dedicated shader code for real-time sampling of environment lighting adds an additional layer of detail to the graphics, while its tone-mapping shader allows for the realistic simulation of strongly varying light levels in the scene. With this feature, complex and difficult lighting situations, like looking towards the sun, can be realistically simulated.

MyIG, with its weather rendering module SkyCloud, delivers volumetric cloud rendering, enabling simulations of regional weather patterns with smooth and continuous transitions between local and global phenomena. It can be integrated within external applications and with custom interfaces or rendering code. MyIG’s high dynamic range (HDR) rendering pipeline is equipped with the latest PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials and shading support, allowing the creation of highly realistic images.

To further enhance realism, ST Engineering Antycip has included features such as environmental lighting and real-time dynamic shadows that can be cast by all objects in the scene.

“MyIG’s open design enables the quick implementation of user requested features, while maintaining complete control over the application development. This is really appreciated by our customers,” concludes Andrea Damiano, senior engineer for ST Engineering Antycip.

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