President and CEO Dave Calhoun has announced his decision to step down as CEO at the end of 2024. He will continue to lead Boeing through the year to complete the critical work underway to stabilize and position the company for the future.

Board Chair Larry Kellner has informed the board that he does not intend to stand for re-election at the upcoming Annual Shareholder meeting. The board has elected Steve Mollenkopf to succeed Kellner as independent board chair.  In this role, Mollenkopf will lead the board's process of selecting Boeing's next CEO. Mollenkopf has served on the board of directors since 2020.

In addition to these changes, Stan Deal, Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO, will retire from the company and Stephanie Pope has been appointed to lead BCA, effective immediately.

"It has been the greatest privilege of my life to serve Boeing," said Calhoun in a letter to employees. "The eyes of the world are on us, and I know that we will come through this moment a better company. We will remain squarely focused on completing the work we have done together to return our company to stability after the extraordinary challenges of the past five years, with safety and quality at the forefront of everything that we do."

Kellner has served on the Boeing Board for 13 years and served as its chair since late 2019. As chair, he oversaw the establishment of a new board aerospace safety committee, and during his tenure led the recruitment of seven new independent directors.

Pope has been serving as chief operating officer of Boeing since January of this year. Previously, she was president and chief executive officer of Boeing Global Services, where she was responsible for leading the company's aerospace services for commercial, government and aviation industry customers worldwide.

During a recent visit to Boeing's facilities, FAA chief Michael Whitaker observed the company's focus on production over safety, reported Aerotime.

In an interview on 'NBC Nightly News,' he emphasized the need for Boeing to shift its mindset towards safety and quality. Whitaker highlighted concerns about Boeing's safety culture and its priorities. When pressed on specific observations, Whitaker's response underscored the severity of the issues at hand.

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