Nalini Nadupalli, Chairperson & CEO, Anugraha Exceed Private Limited (AEPL) provides a wide-range of insights to CAT on her Bengaluru-based company’s expanding activities in the commercial aviation training sector. Marty Kauchak, CAT editor, files this interview. 

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CAT: Thanks for this great opportunity to speak with an industry leader in the rapidly expanding Indian simulation and training industry – and the chance to focus on the commercial aviation sector. To start, what is the unique proposition from Anugraha (AEPL)?

Nalini Nadupalli (NN): Thanks for taking time to learn about AEPL and sharing it with your global readers and followers. At the outset, we are thrilled to honor the pioneering contributions to civil aviation safety and training made by distinguished leaders such as Capt. Sullenberger (Sulley). Their unparalleled standards of piloting excellence serve as the inspiration for our innovative RAPTOR™ Integrated Safety and Training Management platform. This cutting-edge technological solution is designed to meet the training needs of airlines worldwide. 

CAT: You mentioned RAPTOR™ and we’re aware you have delivered the platform to Etihad Airways. 

NN: Yes, we are privileged to serve the forward-thinking Etihad Airways, an early advocate for the advantages of Evidence-Based Training (EBT) back in 2015. This partnership was further enriched by the invaluable guidance of two globally-recognized EBT experts, Captains Chris Ranganathan and Michael Varney. Their guidance in the nascent stages of the RAPTOR™ platform laid a robust foundation for our product's development. Our successful deployment of EBT across all fleet and crew for Etihad Airways stands as a testament to our capability to introduce the world's first fully automated Training Management System Platform, in compliance to EASA, GCAA, DGCA and ICAO 9995 Standards. This achievement underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence in aviation training, setting a new global benchmark for the industry.

CAT: What are the unique features of RAPTOR™  Platform?

NN: In our pursuit of excellence within the aviation industry, we have strategically advanced the RAPTOR™  platform through a series of transformative initiatives, aligning with the evolving needs of airlines and aviation training organizations (ATO). Our journey commenced in 2015, when Etihad Airways and its training academy operated as a unified entity. This unique integration inspired the creation of the RAPTOR™  platform, meticulously engineered to cater to the dual requirements of an airline and an ATO, setting a precedent for holistic aviation training solutions.

Our first milestone involved spearheading a comprehensive digital transformation encompassing all aspects of training for airlines and ATOs. We envision end-to-end automation of every facet of training including training device maintenance life cycle management as essential for efficiency and excellence. This innovation represents just a glimpse into our commitment to streamlining and enhancing training operations.

CAT: And we’re increasingly aware of the role of big data in these training enterprises. Are data a foundation of RAPTOR™? 

NN: Yes! And secondly, we leveraged the power of data science for in-depth analysis of training data, enabling precise identification of training challenges and areas for improvement. This approach allows for targeted interventions, whether addressing individual performance or organizational training strategies, thereby elevating the overall quality of aviation training.

And our third achievement includes extending our platform’s capabilities to accommodate the diverse training needs of all crew types, including flight deck, cabin crew, and technical training personnel – the maintainers. This holistic approach ensures that every member of the aviation crew receives the highest standard of training, fostering a culture of safety and proficiency.

The fourth innovative stride we took was the integration of the RAPTOR™  platform with crew management systems. This integration facilitates real-time analysis of grading results, directly impacting flight operations, and enabling immediate corrective actions, thus enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

Over the past decade, the RAPTOR™  platform has continuously evolved, expanding its functionalities to include the capture and integration of safety data into our data analytics framework. This advancement underscores our commitment to not just meet, but exceed, industry standards by providing a comprehensive, data-driven training solution that addresses the dynamic needs of the aviation industry. Through these efforts, RAPTOR™ has solidified its position as a leading force in aviation training technology, dedicated to advancing safety, efficiency, and excellence in the global aviation community.

CAT: That’s EBT – but at WATS and other Halldale events we continue to hear about Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA). Is the RAPTOR™  platform helping to implement CBTA?

NN: That is right on cue, yes!

We are immensely proud to announce our partnership with IndiGo Airlines, one of the preeminent airlines globally. We view IndiGo Airlines as renowned for its visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to innovation, having invested substantial resources and time towards achieving a groundbreaking 100% digital transformation of their training processes. 

This ambitious endeavor aims to seamlessly implement CBTA, culminating in the adoption of EBT standards across the entire airline.

In close collaboration with regulatory bodies, IndiGo Airlines strives to harmonize and elevate training standards, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the aviation industry. Our collaboration has been marked by a significant achievement: the fastest ever rollout of their CBTA initiative. This milestone is a testament to the efficacy of our solutions and the synergistic partnership between our teams.

We are honored to play a pivotal role in this transformative journey with IndiGo Airlines, contributing to the enhancement of training standards and operational efficiency through our cutting-edge solutions. This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to fostering a culture of safety, proficiency, and innovation in the global aviation landscape.

CAT: And your roadmap for further developing RAPTOR™ ?

NN: At the heart of our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is our dedicated team, whose primary focus is to attentively engage with our clientele. By actively listening and understanding the evolving needs and trends within the industry, our team is adept at crafting a strategic roadmap for the continual enhancement of the RAPTOR™  platform. This approach is guided by a clear mandate to deliver substantial upgrades biennially.

Each upgrade is meticulously planned to introduce new features and functionalities that are aligned with our clients' growing needs. We prioritize advancements in user experience, ensuring that each iteration of the RAPTOR™ platform is more intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly than its predecessor. Additionally, we place a high emphasis on augmenting the platform's efficiency and security, safeguarding our clients' data while optimizing their operational workflows.

Our commitment to regular, impactful updates is a testament to our dedication to excellence and our resolve to remain at the forefront of technological innovation in the aviation industry. 

By continually evolving the RAPTOR™  platform, we aim to empower our clients with the most advanced tools available, enabling them to achieve new heights of success and safety in their operations.

CAT: What are some of Anugraha’s other major initiatives?

NN: We are at the forefront of pioneering an exciting advancement in aviation training technology. 

We believe that Extended Reality (XR) based training is the future. Our team developed a pathbreaking GRIFFIN™ XR Platform, that seamlessly integrates with our esteemed RAPTOR™ platform. This integration gives unprecedented power for the instructors to create training scenarios and intervene and create surprise elements to evaluate trainee responses. This advancement represents a significant leap forward in training methodologies, offering immersive, realistic training environments that enhance learning outcomes and operational readiness. The GRIFFIN™ XR platform incorporates several leading-edge innovations including Eye & Face tracking and evaluation of trainee emotional state. GRIFFIN™ will embody our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and the highest standards of safety in aviation training. GRIFFIN™ platform is tested for Pilot training and Technical Training with highly promising results. We are confident GRIFFIN™ will benefit immensely both the Airlines & MROs. We eagerly anticipate sharing this groundbreaking development with our customers and the broader aviation community, setting new benchmarks for excellence in the industry.

CAT: And will we see you or other members of your team at next month’s WATS? 

NN: We will participate but unfortunately no display of our products this year as we have commitments for this year for customers and product development therefore we decided to participate next year.

CAT: Widening our editorial view, what do you think are the future trends in safety and training management technologies?

NN: As we embark on this journey, we take a moment to applaud the extraordinary innovations and breakthroughs airlines are achieving, as they strive not just to meet, but to ‘exceed’ the ambitious goals they set for themselves. The year 2023 was a testament to such endeavors, particularly spotlighting the remarkable initiatives undertaken by EasyJet to elevate training standards and safety. This dedication underscores a universal truth: the quest for excellence inherently challenges the status quo, inspiring industry leaders to continually raise the benchmark.

At Anugraha, our mission is to harness technology that captures and disseminates these pioneering experiences, fostering a spirit of collaboration and learning across the global aviation community. We extend our deepest admiration to these visionary leaders and their relentless pursuit of innovation. It is their extraordinary efforts that inspire us to develop solutions that not only support but also amplify the impact of their groundbreaking work. 

Together, we are setting new paradigms of excellence in aviation, celebrating the achievements that propel us forward into a future where safety and excellence are paramount.

CAT: Thanks for taking time to share these important insights and developments with us.

NN: You are quite welcome and Anugraha looks forward to contributing to your future editorial program and events.

Editor’s Note: Nalini Nadupalli, an esteemed graduate of the University of Michigan with a specialized diploma in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from Stanford University, serves as the Chairperson and CEO of AEPL. Her passion lies in pioneering applied research and developing innovative Data Science solutions tailored for the Aerospace and Defense industries. Nalini is a fervent believer in the power of collaboration with exceptionally talented individuals to contribute towards transformative visions. She embodies the Stanford University ethos of "Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things," a principle that guides her professional journey.

For inquiries or collaborations, Nalini can be contacted at or via phone at +91.800.866.3024.