Consider everything it takes to move people and cargo around the globe using aircraft reliably. It’s not an exaggeration to suggest that air transportation is one of the most intricate and complex services to deliver to customers. Yet passenger and cargo airlines maintain a safety record that few industries can match. This enviable track record is largely due to talented people working for air carriers – people who must be prepared for threats and risks inherent to aviation.

In 2020, Touch & Go Solutions (TGS) was founded by a small group of training professionals passionate about improving performance. With over three centuries of combined experience, the TGS team is hyper-focused on helping operators improve the human side of operational performance. This requires expertise garnered from practical experience managing large, complicated training systems. Today’s challenges of complex flight operations dictate that training cannot be managed in isolation. It must be designed as part of an overarching safety system that aligns knowledge and skill requirements with the demands of the operation. TGS specializes in this optimization. 

Our Capabilities

Airline training organizations often struggle with limited resources. “Figure out how to do more with less” is a familiar refrain from Operations leadership. Today, flightcrew hiring, upward advancement opportunities, and the accompanying impacts on training staff stability force operators to focus on meeting basic supply and demand requirements. There seems to be no time for continuous improvement, innovation, or strategy development. That’s where Touch & Go Solutions can serve as the extra help you need for major initiatives or short-term projects. 

The experts at TGS are accustomed to getting their hands dirty. Unlike pure consulting firms, we don’t swoop into your operation with a group of fresh MBAs only to leave you with a report or presentation listing recommendations for doing better. We know the business of air carrier training and look forward to discovering how each company operates. The TGS team will roll up their sleeves and help air carriers through one-off work spikes. In other cases, we offer temporary solutions to critical tasks. Losing mission-critical resources like a data specialist, instructional designer, or program manager can be crippling to an under-resourced training department, especially when regulatory or compliance issues are involved. Touch & Go can be the contractor to help with a heavy lift until positions are backfilled.

Everyone acknowledges the benefits of having a well-defined business strategy that guides the team and defines success. However, developing a strategy takes time, careful consideration, and thoughtful design to ensure alignment with operational and corporate objectives. Most Heads of Training (HoTs) find time for building strategy in short supply. TGS has a proven history of success in assisting training organizations with strategy design and development. Our expertise can help you articulate your vision of success based on measurable results. 

Our Experience

The people at Touch & Go Solutions pride themselves on being practitioners of the disciplines that make up a training department. In most cases, we’ve been there and done that. We balance our team’s rich history of accomplishment with a clear understanding that no two airlines are exactly alike. Our collective experience as regulators, instructional designers, content developers, data scientists, academics, pilots, instructors, evaluators, and training leaders provides TGS with a broad understanding of airline training operations.  Our successes include:

  • New aircraft Entry-Into Service (EIS)
  • Transitions from “traditional” training to CBTA/AQP
  • Data Management & Strategy development
  • Training technology capability assessments
  • Harmonizing training operations during airline mergers
  • Integrating training with other safety programs and SMS
  • Improving training efficiency and effectiveness
  • Innovation management and continuous improvement 
  • Agile Instructional System Design (ISD)
  • Research projects needed to support Alternative Means of Compliance (AMC) or Exemptions 
  • Instructor/Evaluator training, calibration, and quality assurance

Our Approach

Using a combination of proprietary tools and proven methods, we work efficiently with your team and supporting departments. At Touch & Go Solutions, we have decades of experience dealing with regulatory agencies and organized labor. Both play important roles in airline training but approach the subject from significantly different perspectives. We are comfortable engaging with multiple stakeholder groups during complex initiatives. By carefully considering the people, process, technology, and data aspects of your project, TGS can ensure that operators are taking a “systems approach” to program improvement. 

We believe the airline industry’s exceptional safety record is due, at least in part, to a general willingness to share information and collaborate on important issues. TGS hosts air carrier-specific training events and will continue to expand our offerings to encourage airlines from around the world to benchmark and learn from each other. 

To learn more about Touch & Go Solutions, visit us at, email us at, or watch our video.  

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