Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) and uCrowds have enabled massive crowd simulation in VBS4 through an integration with TerraCrowds, which provides predictable crowd simulations. The integration allows VBS4 users to conduct simulated training exercises in massively populated areas, allowing customers to visualize crowd flows in simulated events like riots and evacuations.

Peter Morrison, Chief Product Officer of BISim, said “Our integration with uCrowds will facilitate new forms of collective training in VBS4 that were previously difficult or impossible to achieve. Our users now have an edge in being able to create and control massive crowds for a wide range of training and experimentation purposes, directly in VBS4.”

Roland Geraerts, CEO of uCrowds, said “This is our first product integration with a military training simulation, and we are very happy with the results”.

uCrowds offers VBS4 users the ability to quickly generate crowds and control their behavior, either through the SimCrowds application or directly in VBS4. For training, this means that tactical simulations can incorporate massive numbers of civilians that will behave in a believable manner, such as queuing, fleeing, and stadium evacuations, depending on the type of scenario. The integration also opens up VBS4 for intelligence training allowing operators to track individuals through crowded spaces through the various sensor systems provided in VBS4.

BISim is now a reseller of uCrowds products and will offer these alongside the VBS4 24.1 release in late May 2024. BISim plans to support additional advanced behaviors soon and Morrison said he believes this integration makes VBS4 a more powerful tool for tactical simulation in dense urban areas. He also added it pairs well with the content that was also recently integrated with VBS4.

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