A British University has opened a £5.7m XRP eXtended Reality centre in Peterborough, north of London.

XRP eXtended Reality Peterborough, at Anglia Ruskin University, allows students to become active participants in their learning thanks to technology that lets users feel they’ve stepped inside a giant VR headset. 

The state-of-the-art facilities will help students to perfect skills, and practice and repeat techniques, in a safe environment. The specialist technology can simulate workplace environments such as hospital wards, labs, and engineering workshops, and there are also plans to open the facilities to local employers, to assist with staff training.

"Instead of traditional ‘chalk and talk’, XRP eXtended Reality Peterborough puts students front and centre of their learning, giving them the opportunity to try new skills and techniques in a safe but realistic environment," said Professor Ross Renton, Principal of ARU Peterborough.

“The complexity of 21st century problems requires a diversity of thought that can only be addressed by diverse teams of people with a variety skills, experience and backgrounds.  As a university we strive to attract a diverse range of people and therefore inclusivity and equality of opportunity is at the heart of everything we do."