WEBINAR- Mitigating Bias With CBTA

14 June 2024

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Christine Bohl addresses the audience during a presentation at WATS 2022

Following our successful inaugural in-person meeting at WATS 2024 earlier this year, the Women in Aviation Training (WiAT) continues to thrive. We are thrilled to announce that Christine Bohl, an executive at aerospace leader Boeing, will host a new webinar titled "Mitigating Bias Through CBTA," exploring how competency-based training and assessment (CBTA) paves the way to true meritocracy.

Scheduled for July 11th, 2024, this session promises invaluable insights into fostering a talented and diverse aviation workforce.

Despite progress in diversity and inclusion, unconscious biases still pose challenges. Traditional training methods that emphasise technical metrics may unintentionally overlook exceptional skills, obscuring outstanding talent across gender, cultural, and socioeconomic lines.

Bohl will demonstrate how CBTA offers a more impartial evaluation framework by holistically assessing the full spectrum of capabilities essential for aviation professionals—from decision-making to communication to leadership. This approach enables objective recognition of vital "softer" competencies alongside technical proficiencies.

Bohl will discuss how incorporating competency assessments into aviation training curriculums "widens the aperture," allowing a thorough identification and nurturing of strengths. The aim is to build a workforce that embodies the human factors crucial for safe, efficient operations in the global aviation industry.

The webinar will also highlight the application of competency-based approaches at all career stages, not just initial training for pilots, crews, and technicians. Developing comprehensive competency frameworks offers "career pathways" for continuously upskilling the aviation talent pipeline as personnel progress.

As our industry looks to close the skills gaps, CBTA provides a potential solution for attracting, developing, and retaining professionals with the precise competencies needed to meet surging training demands worldwide.

The webinar is open to all members of the WiAT community. To join us and attend this session with Bohl, click the image below and register.


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