Vcom3D Brings New Medical Simulation Products to I/ITSEC

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Vcom3D has launched its medical simulation product-line: IMPACTT On-Site, IMPACTT Remote, and IMPACTT Anywhere Team Trainers, which will enable learners to train in-person and/or join training sessions from remote locations using their own PCs. IMPACTT (Immersive Modular PAtient Care Team Trainer) products will be demonstrated during I/ITSEC 2021, Booth #2081 in Orlando, Florida, as well as during IMSH 2022, Booth 700 in Los Angeles, California.

IMPACTT products are designed to fill gaps in team training by improving communication and collaborative decision-making skills necessary for patient management. IMPACTT Team Trainers deliver high-fidelity, low bandwidth, virtual simulations for medical teams training in austere to definitive care environments, including Emergency Room (ER), and Prolonged Casualty Care (PCC). Both military and civilian virtual patients and environments are included. Over 150 interventions are available to learners. IMPACTT also includes an Instructor and Assessment tablet that automatically tracks team performance.

IMPACTT On-Site Team Trainer is a commercially available product that integrates Vcom3D’s Compact Core (Blue Box) with a PC-based Virtual Patient System and 10 Android tablets for Learner Participants, Medical Equipment Simulations, Lab Reports, and Instructor Control and Assessment.

Learner tablets enable students to perform such roles as physician, nurse, technician, or respiratory technician, and carry out over 150 interventions, the results of which are displayed on both the learner  tablets and a large screen-shared view. Training sessions can be configured by the instructor to include the appropriate medical equipment tablets, selected from a Patient Monitor, Field Ventilator, Hospital Ventilator, Triple Infusion Pump, and/or Urine Gauge. Third Party Task Trainers may be used with IMPACTT On-Site Team Trainer for hands-on patient treatment.

IMPACTT Remote (Virtual) Team Trainer links geographically remote sites to train participants as a team. The software application includes the same capabilities as IMPACTT On-site system, but is PC-based for all participants. The instructor’s location also includes an Instructor Station consisting of a PC, Compact Core (Blue Box) and an Instructor/Assessment tablet. Training Sessions are  initiated on Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

IMPACTT Anywhere (Hybrid) Team Trainer enables remote learners to participate in training sessions on the IMPACTT On-Site Team Trainer. For example, a remote learner may take the role of Respiratory Technician and treat the patient and interact with the ventilator settings.


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