DisTec Returns for IT²EC 2022

20 April 2022

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The DisTec show floor experience will return for IT²EC 2022, providing a dedicated space for delegates to explore the disruptive technology solutions re-shaping the future of training in military and civil domains.

DisTec brings cutting-edge technologies and their pioneers from industry together to work collaboratively with defence stakeholders in order to revolutionise the military training domain. Successful implementation of innovative technologies enables increased scope, quality, efficiency and accessibility of training solutions; but it requires consistency, cross-sector collaboration and support from end-users in order to survive the innovation cycle and provide solutions that allow operators to perform effectively in complex or high-stress environments. This is the environment DisTec aims to foster, with a three day programme of research presentations and live demonstrations.

Day one will look at challenges and how innovation helps to establish a safer future by improving command, operations and training, with a focus on how cutting-edge technology such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and simulation can be used to enhance military training and increase performance efficiency.

The day will begin with a presentation on ‘The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA): Tackling defence challenges for a safer future’ from Anita Friend, Head of DASA; with other highlights including Garrett Loeffelman, Science, Technology, and Analysis Lead, Training and Education Command (TECOM) at the USMC, who will present on ‘Using Data to Accelerate Live, Virtual, and Constructive Training in the Marine Corps’.

Day two will explore the further application of cutting-edge technology and address strategic concerns and questions – such as implementation processes, maximizing impact and next-generation perspectives. It will also introduce ground-breaking holographic projection and preview the work being done in haptic technology and its application in military training. Sessions will include ‘Disruption, made constructive: changing how industry works so the military can transform how it trains’, ‘Training at the point of need - how to adopt mixed reality concept in the military training’, and ‘Haptic technology under the microscope - the challenges of developing new product and its application in simulation,’ among others.

Day three will focus on haptic technology and VR applications in real life. It will start with two practical sessions and will then turn into a simulation training session that provides a fully immersed experience that attendees can take part in.

For the first time, DisTec will also include a new Technology Lounge, which will feature some of the latest and most innovative products designed to advance training and learning through technology. Visitors will have the chance to take part in various experiences and demonstrations, including getting hands-on experience of real-life applications, such as arson investigation, firefighter training and armed police response.

To register and attend IT²EC 2022 visit: https://www.itec.co.uk/register 

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