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Dassault Introduces 3D Virtual Reality Technology for Maintenance Training

Posted on Thursday 9th March 2017 | Airline

Dassault Aviation has developed 3D virtual reality technology that is now used to train maintenance engineers and technicians. 

Falcon Immersive Practical Training is intended as a supplement for engineers and technicians undertaking certified practical training for Falcon business jets at Dassault Aviation's training center in Bordeaux-Merignac, France.

"We can have up to 11 people in each course, one instructor and 10 trainees and it can be a bit time-consuming waiting to take turns to go inside the mechanical bays and other tight spaces on the real aircraft," said Jacques Chauvet, senior vice president Worldwide Customer Service at Dassault Aviation. "With our immersive training tool, trainees simply put on their headsets and find themselves in the same virtual spot, even in tight spaces, with a perfect view of what the instructor is doing."

The Falcon Immersive Practical Training tool includes a hand tracking capability, which allows operations in the virtual world to precisely mirror operations performed in the real world. This way trainees are able to observe in real time exactly what the instructor is doing at all times. 

Any part or component, including wiring, tubing and fittings, can be brought into view by simply stripping away the covering panels and structure - in virtual reality - to reveal the inner workings of the aircraft. The trainee can roam around the aircraft at will and even simulate inserting tools and turning nuts and bolts.


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Authored by Fiona Greenyer
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