UB builds escape room for medical training

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The University at Buffalo (UB) School of Nursing and School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences built an escape room game for inter-professional training between nursing and pharmacy students to improve teamwork and communication.

In the Patient X escape room that simulates a medical clinic, students will have 30 minutes to solve various puzzles to discover what ails their patient and provide the proper treatment. The room features riddles, puzzles, combination locks and invisible ink to highlight critical lessons surrounding infection control, patient restraint and medication safety. UB researchers consulted with escape room company 5 Wits for its design.

Along with playing the game, students will also participate in a home healthcare simulation that is similar to what they will experience in the field, letting UB researchers study the impact of the escape room on student performance. Half of the 250 participating students will complete the simulation first, the other half will begin with the escape room.

“By creating learning experiences during their training where they can interact with other professional students, they can begin to build respectful relationships, understand each other’s professional roles and responsibilities, understand the values of each profession and practice working together as a team with the ultimate goal of improving the health and wellness of individual patients and the community,” says

Nicholas Fusco, PharmD, clinical associate professor in the UB School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.


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