Deliveries Underway for Newest CAE Simulator

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CAE Healthcare has begun worldwide deliveries of its new high-fidelity pediatric patient simulator, CAE Aria.

The company ramped up production to accommodate demand for the medical manikin amid increasing challenges accessing pediatric patients for clinical training. Deliveries began after the company confirmed the device met the safety, health, and environmental standards of the European Union in a process known as CE.

“With CAE Aria, academic institutions, hospitals, and emergency medical service providers can train for the most common and complicated pediatric emergencies, training that is both critically important and increasingly challenging in the current environment,” said Heidi Wood, President, CAE Healthcare.

CAE Aria simulates a 7-year-old child and offers interchangeable gender, 60 vocal expressions and sounds, an advanced airway, neurological features, and an optional bleeding system, all of which enable students and clinicians to: assess verbal cues, practice airway management skills, conduct neurological evaluations, and learn how to manage a pediatric patient in a variety of environments.

“CAE Aria prepares learners to conduct assessments, apply clinical decision-making and provide medical interventions in a risk-free environment, so they’re prepared, both mentally and physically, for real-life, high-stakes situations,” Wood said.

CAE Aria is part of a broad portfolio of patient simulators designed and delivered by CAE Healthcare. CAE Aria is the pediatric addition to a simulator family that includes CAE Lucina, a maternal simulator; CAE Luna, a neonatal simulator; CAE Apollo, a male simulator available in two configurations (prehospital and nursing); CAE Ares, an emergency medical manikin, and CAE Juno, a nursing skills simulator. Each of these CAE manikins uses CAE’s modeled physiology, a proprietary algorithm that drives the manikin’s response to medical treatments, eliminating the need for a simulation facilitator to control tasks. CAE’s modeled physiology generates data that can be analyzed to assess trainee responses and standardizes simulator behavior for an objective performance evaluation. Together, these elements streamline training and amplify the benefits of simulation.

CAE Aria is manufactured at the CAE facility in Sarasota, Florida, which achieved a gold Florida Sterling Manufacturing Excellence Award in 2021.


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