Frasca International Inc. is actively manufacturing and delivering helicopter full flight simulators (FFSs) and flight training devices (FTDs) to customers worldwide. The company has seen a continual increase in helicopter business over the last decade and continues to receive orders for flight training equipment for both civil and military training applications. Recent orders include a Bell 206 TruFliteH™ and a second TruFliteH™ FTD configured as an S300 for the Bristow Academy in Titusville, Florida. A Sikorsky S-76 Level B FFS is on its way to Bristow Helicopters in Scotland to join two other Frasca FFSs already in service. Also, nearing delivery is an AW139 Level 6 FTD for the Trinidad and Tobago Air Guard and a Bell 206 FTD for the Japanese Coast Guard. The German Federal Police (NAMSA) has two devices in production (an EC155 FTD2 FNPT III MCC and an AS332 L1 FTD2 FNPT III MCC) and are upgrading their existing Frasca EC135 simulator. The EC135 upgrade will include relocation, recertification and common network development. Frasca is also nearing completion on a Bell 429 Level 7 FTD for use by Bell India.