EDM is to introduce their new Safety and Emergency Procedure Training Reality Engine (SEPTRE) at WATS 2013. SEPTRE has been designed for use on either fixed or motion based cabin emergency evacuation trainers (CEET's) and is already in service with a significant number of Chinese airlines including Air China, Xiamen Airlines, Hainan Airlines and others.

SEPTRE uses state-of-the-art technology and computer systems which combine motion, sound and visual cueing that are typically experienced on board any commercial aircraft, covering all phases of flight. During operation, the visual database processes several visual components comprising of a tailored flight model, special effects, ocean, sky and clouds, calculating the position of the aircraft, which is relayed onto a series of image generators positioned at each aircraft window. Designed within the package is the ability to model specific training scenarios such as an engine fire, turbulence, ditching and aborted take-off.

The system has been designed to be modular and can be provided as an upgrade to existing fixed or motion based CEET's.