The Airline Academy of Australia (AAA), located at Archerfield Airport, Brisbane, has launched a new venture targeted to assist low time pilots to make the transition from Commercial piston or Turbo prop pilot, to Airline Jet pilot and to hone the skills of those already flying in a multi crew environment. The launch of the new division has seen the organisation invest in a multi-million dollar programme of infrastructure and training development to deliver a suite of products which will greatly benefit pilots heading for the airlines. The main cornerstone of the project has been the installation of a state of the art, PS3.5 fixed base device based on the Boeing 737-800 from Pacific Simulators. The PS3.5 is designed for jet entry training including Jet Orientation, Multi-crew and Instrument Training. It is certified by the Civil Aviation Authority (CASA) as a Category 'B' Synthetic Trainer in accordance with FSD-2 Regulations.