Peak Pacific Limited has launched ‘clear’, a new suite of competency-based grading software aimed at providing quality training data and analysis for the aviation industry. Based on a modular-design, ‘clear’ is a competency-based grading system with seamless online and offline capabilities. Built with industry inputs, the ‘clear’ suite will enable airlines and flight training organisations manage their training administration and license management.

Built on Java platform with jpa, jquery and HTML5, the ‘clear’ suite will be available on desktops, laptops and mobile devices. It is the first of a series of technology and mobility initiatives Peak Pacific plans to unveil in 2014-2015. Apart from grading and analysis, the ‘clear’ suite will include modules for Planning & Scheduling, Training Administration, Qualification Compliance Management, Resourcing & Facility Management, Document Management and License Management, among others.

Peak Pacific will offer ‘clear’ as a behind-the-firewall installation as an Enterprise License and also as SaaS. The ‘clear’ product suite roadmap includes the Enterprise system, modular solutions, Managed Services and a set of productivity and support apps.