Finmeccanica - AgustaWestland has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PWN Excellence Sdn Bhd and CAE to evaluate the introduction of both AW169 and AW189 full flight simulators (FFS) in Malaysia. Under the MoU the companies will evaluate the market for AW169 and AW189 helicopters in the region and the resulting demand for FFS hours as well as developing a business case.

Subject to a successful business case AgustaWestland, PWN Excellence and CAE expect to expand their partnership which has already successfully introduced a CAE 3000 Series AW139 FFS with Level D capability at PWN's training centre in Selangor, Malaysia. This was the first FFS of an AgustaWestland helicopter type in the Asia Pacific region.

PWN Excellence Sdn Bhd, a strategic partner of National Aerospace & Defence Industries (NADI), which is a leading company in the Malaysian aviation sector, manages the CAE 3000 Series AW139 FFS as an AgustaWestland Authorised Synthetic Training Centre. The CAE 3000 Series FFS was jointly developed by CAE and AgustaWestland and is now supported and maintained by CAE, to provide simulation training hours to the AgustaWestland Training Academy (AWTA) Malaysia in support of AgustaWestland's customer training requirements throughout Asia, China and Australasia. This relationship would be extended for the proposed AW169 and AW189 FFSs.