The very first FAA approved Model TH22 piston helicopter by ELITE Simulation Solutions has been purchased by Colorado Heli-Ops, Broomfield, Colorado.

According to the Owner/Operator, Mr. Dennis Pierce, "We chose the ELITE TH22 because of its accuracy, versatility and support services. It is fully instrumented with dual controls that provide the exact ergonomics, performance and aerodynamic fidelity we need for IFR and VFR training."

Colorado Heli-Ops uses simulation training devices beyond minimum pilot certificate requirements to develop industry desired pilot traits and skill sets. Wayne Keyes, ELITE Director of Business Development commented, "The fidelity of this helicopter flight training device gives benefits beyond the instrument, commercial, ATP and 7.5 hours VFR flying credits. The accuracy of this trainer allows procedural training for most VFR practical test standards, emergency procedures including brown-own operations and IIMC recoveries. The orientation and size of the visual display gives the correct spatial orientation for hover training, confined area landings, pinnacles, auto rotations and deceleration maneuvers."