The "Falcon Initiative" was launched by the same partners, the RAeS and Boeing, in April 2015. The aim of this new idea is to provide the opportunity for 13-18 year olds to design and build a flight simulator. It will offer the opportunity to a broad cross section of young people, including girls and other under-represented groups, to engage in a practical, fun and educationally-relevant engineering and business project. The competition is in two phases. In Phase 1 ten schools will be selected to receive £500 funding with which to build prototype flight simulators; this to be achieved by March 2016. In Phase 2 the prototypes will be judged, and then two schools will be further selected, one from the north and one from the south of the UK. They will receive funding for a full simulator build to be completed by July 2017. Selection of schools for Phase 1 is due in late September 2015, and CAT will certainly be tracking this work as it progresses.

It is really good to see a working, practical and successful initiative to boost interest and competence in the STEM subjects. Perhaps this is a model that others could and should follow? – Chris Long.