United Airlines and Airline Training Center Arizona (ATCA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Flight Training, will collaborate on a new Career Path Program (CPP) for pilots.

This relationship serves to address the upcoming pilot shortage in the US by providing a reliable source of pilots to United and instructors to ATCA. United and ATCA have created a pilot Career Path Program (CPP) that offers a defined pathway for licensed flight instructors to become United pilots.

Those who successfully complete a rigorous joint selection process will become employees of ATCA, and CPP Participants.

Participants that meet the required service requirements, performance record, and accumulated flight hours will have an opportunity to fly for United. Once selected and hired by United, these pilots would start as United "new hires" and would be eligible to fly aircraft in United's narrow body fleet.

The first instructors are expected to start the selection process in early 2016.