Air Greenland will start implementing new procedures into their DHC-8-20 fleet and they have chosen Aviation eLearning to develop a training solution for this implementation.

Aviation eLearning has already developed and delivered cockpit training applications to Air Greenland. The interactive cockpit procedure trainers with a complete 360° view of the cockpit help the crew to prepare better for the simulator sessions and therefore significantly reduce the time for ground operations training from seated to airborne.

In addition to the cockpit procedure training apps, Aviation eLearning has also developed an External Inspection app. This allows the user to walk freely around an aircraft and facilitates a structure given by the operator or manufacturer. The students get an overview of each item they need to check and are better prepared for the sesion with an instructor.

By using the external inspection app and the cockpit procedure apps, Air Greenland aims to reduce the costs and minimize the logistical challenges when training their crew.