CrewFactors has appointed Ascend Aero to accelerate penetration of the commercial airline market for its communication training tool.

The product objectively measures the communication and coordination skills of flight crew using patent pending technology. This is an important development in crew training, because in an era when there is a trend towards a more diverse cultural mix of crew on the flight deck, assuring the effectiveness and accuracy of communications is a critical safety factor. The relevance of the solution is evident from United Airlines recent decision to add an extra day to their 12,000 crew's annual training to focus specifically on safety and inter crew communication skills.

"Ascend Aero will enable us to address a far larger segment of the market in a much shorter time frame than if we had tried to do everything ourselves," said conor McKenna, CEO of CrewFactors.

Ascend Aero will conduct market development campaigns on behelf of CrewFactors in order to multiply the effect of the company's own internal sales resources by raising awareness of the company and its solution amongst a wide range of commercial airlines.