The Georgia Institute of Technology, (also known as Georgia Tech) Atlanta, has contracted with Frasca International to provide them with a Frasca Mentor™ Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD).

The AATD will be configured as a Cessna 172 and will be used by the School of Psychology's Decision Processes Laboratory (DPL) led by Dr. Rick Thomas. The AATD will be used as an experimental platform to investigate decision support applications designed to aid pilot understanding and use of next generation display technologies.

The Mentor™ AATD will include Frasca’s Northstar Wi-Fi wireless GPS interface, which allows tablet devices with aviation software to be used in the simulator cockpit. This integration provides the simulator pilot the ability to use common aviation software interactively in the simulator. The Mentor also includes a Garmin G1000 system, Garmin GFC 700 autopilot and Frasca's TruVision Global™ visual system.