Comair Limited and Multi Pilot Simulations (MPS) have entered into definitive agreements for the delivery of an MPS B737-NG FTD 1 fixed base simulator to Comair's Training Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa, later this year.

Comair manager Commercial Operations, Capt. Glen Warden commented: "We are delighted with the addition of the MPS simulator to our Comair Training Centre. This is the first professional MPS FTD in South Africa setting a new standard for training quality in civil aviation, compliant with EASA FSTD certification criteria. Our decision to invest in the MPS B737-NG FTD-1 to augment our full flight simulators has been based on our philosophy of providing our airline customers with the most realistic training environment possible. We aim to increase productivity in training, whilst optimising our resources in an effort to satisfy our burgeoning training demand. Unlike typical MCC/JOC devices, the FTD can be utilised not only for basic MCC/JOC tasks and systems orientation, but in addition for legal training credits toward a type rating, instrument rating training and LOFT orientated command preparation."