EDM's B777 door trainer it has manufactured for All Nippon Airways (ANA) passed its Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) earlier this month.

Built and designed at EDM's facility in Manchester, UK, the B777 door trainer will enable ANA's cabin crew to be fully trained in the proficient operation of this aircraft door type under all normal, abnormal, and emergency conditions. The door trainer will comprise of a fully functional main door and attendant seat as well as features including a door mode selector, integrated door training malfunctions, gust lock, manual slide inflation handle, door assist handles, simulated audio sounds and exit lighting. The door trainer is controlled via an intuitive, easy to use Instructor Operator Station.

The Factory Acceptance Test was granted following two days of rigorous inspection and testing carried out by a senior tea of ANA safety trainers and simulator engineers. The door trainer is currently being installed at ANA's training centre in Ota-ku, Tokyo.