Aviation eLearning has launched a new e-course, Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT). The e-course is now available for company clients and individual users.

The newly developed UPRT e-course is case based and provides training managers with an easy way to communicate the procedures to the flight crew. The procedures comply with the latest EASA UPRT Annex II to ED Decision 2015-12-R and FAA regulations. The multiple cases aim to stimulate the learners' interest and to help them link the theory to real situations in high altitude environment.

Interactions and applicable examples make the content easier to understand and to remember.  Virtual mentors, Michael and Michelle guide the learner throughout the course and help the crew to learn how to recognize and avoid situations that may lead to airplane upsets and improve their ability to recover control in abnormal flight regime. The course will integrate with practical hands-on training in the simulator.

Jet Time and Primera Air are the first airlines to use the brand new UPRT e-course.

The e-course consists of several modules and provides the basis for both initial and recurrent upset recovery training.