Flyco Training Solutions Group has signed a long-term contract with Maleth-Aero for their pilot and cabin crew training.

Flyco will be providing Maleth-Aero with their Learning Management and Courseware. All courses provided as part of the agreement will be customised to the specific needs and requirements of Maleth-Aero's training department. Flyco will also be providing detailed reports periodically outlining the current user training status ensuring that all personnel receives adequate training throughout the year.

"Our state of the art system aims to provide a user-friendly experience, while easing the workload of the administrators considerably by providing knowledge gaps, full records support, crew qualification alerts and automated cerficiate generation system," said Mr. Orcun E. Sufraci, chief technology officer, Flyco UK.

Maleth-Aero is a Malta-based private charter company, providing a natural gateway connecting North Africa with Europe, managing aircraft as far afield as West Africa and Central Asia.