Digital Projection's E-Vision series of high-brightness, single-chip projectors have been specified to urgently replace and upgrade projectors recently installed into two major air traffic control simulations centres of the Air Traffic Management Bureau of Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC/ATMB).

Eight E-Vision WUXGA 3D projectors replaced the original projectors in the first centre, where the integrated simulation system creates a 360-degree seamless projection environment on a screen measuring four metres high and twelve metres in diametre. In the other division, a smaller screen dimension called for a replacement specification of eight E-Vision 6800 WUXGA 3D projectors.

The E-Vision WUXGA models provide sufficiently enhanced projection quality to meet the user's screen clarity requirements. Additionally, featuring 7,500 ANSI lumens of brightness, the E-Vision 7500 WUXGA 3D is powerful enough to satisfy the differing lighting environments that are so important within the air traffic simulation chamber.