RSi Visual Systems, Inc. has announced the installation of its new Epic D88 visual system on a B787 Level D simulator.

The epic D88 visual system represents the latest in visual systems technology with unrivalled realism displayed at 8.8 million pixels per channel.

The company's latest product renders a true native resolution of 4096x2160 delivered by the Sony VPL-GTZ280 projector in a 3 channel configuration with an unparalleled Level D visual experience at 26.4 million pixels. With a compatible optical system the 3-channel epic D88 system can deliver beyond 210° horizontal field of view and 45° vertical field of view.

The Epic D88 system incorporates the industry's first 4K Level D image generator - the RS100, which maintains RSi's ethos of utilizing COTS components to provide industry leading performance. The RS100 features a compact form factor allowing for a number of deployment options including simulator-mounted. Featuring the very latest in GPU technology the RS100 offers unprecedented performance whilst minimizing life cycle costs through the use of readily available components in worldwide markets.