Stuart Anderson, former Managing Director of Evans & Sutherland UK Ltd, sadly passed away on September 1st 2016 at the age of 77 following a long battle with cancer. Stuart leaves behind two daughters and families.
Stuart will be remembered fondly and professionally for his contribution to the world of flight training; being an inspirational leader of the Rediffusion Simulation Ltd's design team that, in 1981, developed, and subsequently patented, the 'WIDE' (Wide-angle Infinity Display Equipment), otherwise known as the cross-cockpit collimated display, the design concept of which is now a fundamental part of every one of today's highest performing commercial full flight simulators.
The WIDE system was revolutionary at its time of inception, moving display system technology forward from a monitor based 'WAC' window display system, to a projected image that facilitated cross-cockpit viewing for both members of the flight crew, providing improved acuity, Cockpit Resource Management and considerably enhancing safety for air travellers. In 1983 the WIDE system was awarded both a British Design Council Award and a Queen's Award for Technological Achievement.
Stuart was also instrumental in bringing Evans & Sutherland Computer Inc. to the world of pilot training, with the introduction of Evans & Sutherland 'CGI' technology with the Novoview 2000 image generator at KLM in 1973. In subsequent years the Evans & Sutherland products became synonymous with the very best in visual system technology, and Stuart led the Rediffusion division that excelled in bringing these products to market through the eighties and into the nineties.
In 1994 Stuart left Rediffusion to establish Evans & Sutherland's UK based business to take the company forward, and was honoured by Her Majesty the Queen again with the Queens Award for Technology in 1999. Stuart continued as Managing Director with Evans & Sutherland until his retirement in 2002.
Stuart was awarded the Silver Medal by the Royal Aeronautical Society, the most prestigious and long-standing award in global aerospace honouring achievement, innovation and excellence, and was further recognised in 2001 when he was awarded the esteemed Ed Link Award.
Stuart was not only a tremendous innovator with great wisdom, but was also an enthusiastic, charismatic leader and a true gentleman who took great pride in developing the team around him, and provided opportunity for others to excel. Loved by many, he will be sadly missed, but affectionally remembered, and our industry is definitely better for having Stuart involved, ... and for his inspiration as the "Father of the WIDE".