CAE won a series of training solution contracts worth more than C$100 million with five airlines, including an exclusive training agreement for pilot training with an undisclosed customer in Europe.

Shenzhen Airlines extended its ab initio training program, renewing its flight training services agreement with CAE. Under the new agreement, CAE will select, assess and train additional cadets over the next 12 months. The cadets began training at the end of December 2015 at the CAE Oxford Aviation Academy in Phoenix, Arizona (USA).

Spring Airlines extended its pilot training program for Boeing 737-800 under an exclusive long-term agreement. Pilots will receive training at the JAL CAE FLight Training (JCFT) centre in Japan.

CAE signed a training equipment agreement with Airbus Asia Training Centre (AATC) in SIngapore for an A350 CAE 7000 Series full flight simulator (FFS) and an A350 Airbus Pilot Transition (APT) trainer. The training equipment will be delivered at the Airbus Asia Training Centre in Singapore and will be ready for training at the end of October 2016. This is AATC's second A350 FFS and APT purchase.

Finally, two A350 and one Boeing 787 full flight simulators, as well as one A350 flight training device have been sold to undisclosed customers in North America.