Wr Bar Helicopters of Seabrook, Texas has received an FAA approved ELITE MH-350 single-engine turbine helicopter advanced aviation training device (AATD) based on the AS350B.

Female owned and operated, Wr Bar Helicopters plans to be a game-changing training provider in the local community. The Houston area where Wr Bar Helicopters operates has one of the highest GA populations in the country with complicated airspaces and high-density traffic which greatly adds to the value of training on a simulator in addition to flight training.

"With the ever changing weather patterns here in the Gulf Coast area, staying current and proficient on IFR skills is essential, especially as a VFR pilot who could encounter inadvertent IMC. ELITE's MH350 is a fantastic product for FAR 61.57 (c) instrument experience as well as VFR training," said Wr Bar Helicopter's chief flight instructor and co-founder Richard Holland.