Flyco Training Solutions Group have announced that they are offering Air Serv their Learning Management System and courseware to support the training of pilots and other personnel.

Air Serv pilots will be able to fully benefit from the 'offline' function of the system, completing their courses on time where a decent internet connection is not available.

Air Serv is a US-based non-profit organisation currently operating in the Republic of Uganda in East Africa providing 'last mile' air transportation in support of humanitarian programs and disaster relief operations worldwide.

A Flyco Group spokesperson commented: "It is important for us to share our know-how and support to the people and the companies who have their goals aimed at such humanitarian causes. We have decided to offer our full support towards this cause by sponsoring the training for Air Serv which would contribute towards the company increasing the reach of humanitarian workers by providing aviation services to the most inaccessible places around the world."