Caribbean Airlines Ltd., a flag-carrier airline of Trinidad and Tobago, approached SurePilot™ in late 2016 with the requirement to rapidly and effectively assess approximately one-hundred First Officer candidates for immediate recruitment in to active commercial airline operation.

The recruitment process implemented by Caribbean Airlines Ltd. necessitated a suitably capable assessment battery, and one that permitted multiple assessors to analyse and examine the performance of candidates promptly, and down to a micro-detail level without requiring the installation of costly software applications or hardware. Caribbean Airlines Ltd. requested also that invitation to assessment, including the participation by and subsequent analysis of candidate performance, be completed within a pre-determined time scale.

Using the SurePilot for Assessors portal, Caribbean Airlines Ltd. were provided with an all-in-one solution that catered for the entire assessment process, from invitation to results analysis, all of which were assessed through an easily navigable portal.

The immediate availability of candidate performance data, owing to the extensive automation processes developed within SurePilot, ensured that time management was better utilised by airline recruitment staff, and combined with the exclusion of costly software applications or hardware, enabled the organisation to operate a cost-efficient recruitment process.